Racing Formula 2-Cycle Oil

Lucas developed this new 2-Cycle engine oil specifically for racing and other demanding applications. It is great for all high RPM and high compression applications such as Dirt Bikes, Quads and Go-Karts. A blend of lubricant base stocks, both a synthetic hydrocarbon type and esters are used. The ester portion is a judicious blend of saturated adipate diesters and fatty acid methyl esters, both saturated and unsaturated. Esters have a natural affinity for metal surfaces making them an excellent choice for 2-stroke engines. Lucas blends these lubricant base stocks with a low-ash additive package that insures superior detergency and anti-wear, both at high and low operating temperatures. Formulated to meet API TC and JASO FD performance. This is a low-smoke product and is suitable for air or water-cooled engines. This premium product contains only a small amount of high flash point solvent, yet blends effortlessly with gasoline and resists spark plug fowling. Lucas Racing Formula 2-Cycle Oil is not recommended for snowmobiles or watercraft requiring NMMA TC-W3 ashless 2-stroke oil. Please see Lucas' other offerings for these applications. Neither is it recommended for methanol or E85 fueled engines.

Key benefits

  • Top-quality high ester content 2-cycle oil
  • Designed to leave an oily film on all wetted parts so that you’re never without lubrication
  • Good for all high performance engines
  • High-flash, low-smoke product
  • Low-ash formula to provide more protection than ashless formulas against ring-sticking, piston scuffing and wear
  • Expect longer ring life and lower fuel consumption
  • Superior rust protection and lubrication
  • Great for all high RPM and high compression applications
  • Use in pre-mix or oil injection systems