Complete Fuel System Renewal Kit

The Lucas Complete Fuel System Renewal Kit is your all-in-one system maintenance solution! Just follow the 4 easy steps to eliminate gum, varnish, particulate matter and corrosion from all lines and components. The Renewal Kit restores maximum power and efficiency to your engine for a smooth, reliable ride. The Kit includes one (1) bottle of Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner and three (3) bottles of Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner. There is no more effective way to restore your vehicle’s performance. FOR ALL VEHICLES AND FUEL TYPES.

Key benefits

  • A great tune-up in a bottle
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system
  • Neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems
  • Increases power and miles per gallon by burning excess exhaust emissions
  • Increases the life of pumps and injectors
  • Greatly reduces harmful NOx emissions
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Totally eliminates knocking and pinging
  • Raises mpg and performance